About us

Rollerrepair - the specialist in repairing and renewing axial rollers, haulm rollers, drums and wheels!

Rollerrepair is specialized in the repair / renewal of axial rollers, haulm rollers, drum wheels, etc. Thanks to our experience in potato harvesting, we know better than anyone how important good axial rollers are. Because we do everything in-house, we can also guarantee fast delivery and good service.


Axial rollers

Axial rollers with pitch up to 20 cm

Left-hand pitch axial rollers

All axial rollers can be fitted with partial steel if necessary

Haulm rollers up to 3100mm in length

Reduce diameter

Running wheels

Retraction wheels

Peeling rollers

Drive and idler tracks


Harvesting mats

Since 2020 we have also started repairing harvesting mats. The belts are often broken / worn, but the bars can last longer. We replace the belts and put the old bars back. This has the advantage that less investment is needed in new harvesting sizes. Also think of elevators, for example. You can also contact us for repairing mats and closures


(Harvesting mats up to 3000mm and 5 belts)


Feel free to contact us for a free quotation or for other questions!


Roller repair

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